Wells Paint Service, LLC

Wells Paint Service was established in 1971 by Tom Wells with a vision of excellence in service.

Tom set out over 40 years ago to bring his dream to life. After being honorably discharged from the Military in 1970, Tom Wells walked in his father's footsteps. Tom began his journey as a young child, assisting his father in many painting and construction projects. Soon, Tom was busy building his career and making his dream of owning his own company come to life. He worked in many states and moved around to where the jobs were. Taking on various jobs from painting apartment buildings and newly built homes to painting tractors and trucks, mastering the skills his father taught him.

In 1980 Tom moved to Kiowa, Kansas where he met his wife Stacy. There, he began painting barns, corrals, trucks and tractors taking on many painting jobs all the while establishing himself and his new company; hard work was nothing new to Tom. He strives for excellence.